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MK Capital Completes Acquisition of Kontiki From VeriSign

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (Marketwire) - Kontiki, the leading provider of managed peer-assisted delivery for high-quality video and digital content, announced today that it has completed the anticipated divestiture from VeriSign, Inc. As a result, the assets previously comprising VeriSign's Broadband Content Services business unit will be re-launched as Kontiki Inc., with funding from MK Capital.

The Kontiki Delivery Management System is a patented peer-assisted content delivery technology that enables the delivery of high-quality video and other rich media securely and efficiently at very large scale. Built on an award-winning peer-assisted content delivery and management platform, Kontiki is used by Fortune 500 companies for its massive scalability and network efficiency.

Originally founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley, Kontiki was acquired by VeriSign in 2006. Kontiki retains all of its global customers and several members of the original Kontiki management team, including Eric Armstrong, who has been named President of Kontiki; and Todd Johnson, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Kontiki, who is now Chairman of the Board.

"Throughout our time as part of VeriSign, we remained dedicated to the development and support of Kontiki's award-winning peer-assisted delivery technology," said Eric Armstrong, President of Kontiki. "The Kontiki technology is eight years proven in the marketplace and we are proud to claim some of the most prominent enterprises and consumer media companies in the world as our long-standing customers."

"We are very excited to be financing the expansion of Kontiki," said Mark Koulogeorge, principal, MK Capital. "The company has a unique and tested peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that addresses the need to efficiently distribute video over the Internet and private networks. The new generation of Internet users will demand video content in order to be engaged. As the use of video as a communication tool continues to expand, Kontiki's technology will be increasingly strategic to corporations worldwide."

VeriSign announced its intention to focus on core Internet infrastructure related businesses in November 2007. As a result, the company is implementing its strategy to divest of a number of businesses.

Kontiki will be headquartered in Mountain View, California, with regional sales offices in Denver, Colorado, Dulles, Virginia, and London.

About Kontiki

Kontiki's secure and scalable commercial P2P delivery platform powers the world's largest media companies' broadband video on-demand download services including the BBC iPlayer, and BSkyB's Sky Anytime on PC service, in the UK. Kontiki's ISP-friendly protocol, fine network controls, security, edge throttling capabilities and client application flexibility are ideal for all constituents in the broadband video delivery value chain — content owners, network operators and consumers.

Additionally, Kontiki provides complete content delivery solutions for large enterprises including corporate communications, training, customer support and software delivery. Kontiki's patented Grid Delivery technology allows companies to securely deliver high-quality video and software updates at a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery solutions. Some of the largest and most well known enterprises rely on Kontiki for high quality video and large file delivery to all employees worldwide.

About MK Capital

MK Capital ( is a $150 million venture fund which is a leading investor in the software and digital media industries. Kontiki represents MK Capital's eighteenth investment in the software and digital media since the fund's formation in 2003.The managing members of MK Capital have managed six venture funds and over $500 million of capital in the past decade. Each of the fund's principals has substantial operating experience and a proven track record of helping small business grow successfully. The general partner group has demonstrated its exceptional commitment to the fund's success by being the largest investor in MK Capital.