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DocLocker Turns to VeriSign Identity Protection Services and EV SSL Certificates for Online Authentication

Sydney, Australia - 30th October, 2008 - VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced that DocLocker has selected the VeriSign® Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service along with Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates to provide mutual online authentication between its customers and employees and its website. DocLocker is a new Australian company that provides an online document management system for high net-worth individuals and companies to store, manage and share files and documents in a highly secure environment.

"Due to the nature of our business, we have to get our security right from the very beginning for our business to succeed," said Paul Nankervis, Managing Director of DocLocker. "It is so important for us to give our customers the confidence to store their highly confidential documents online with us. The VIP Authentication Service provides us with a convenient, highly secure and easy way for customers to gain access to our system. And our EV SSL Certificates communicate to customers that they are logging on to the legitimate DocLocker website."

The VIP Authentication Service is a low-cost, secure and convenient service designed to strengthen and protect digital identities. Based on open standards, the VIP Authentication Service is a two-factor authentication solution fully hosted by VeriSign that enables a wide choice of credentials including security tokens, credit card sized devices and mobile phones. DocLocker's customers will initially be using two-factor, one time password (OTP) security tokens to authenticate themselves as they log into DocLocker's system, providing another layer of security in addition to the standard username and password combination.

In addition, because the service is deployed on a VeriSign hosted network, it enables DocLocker's customers to conveniently use a single security device to authenticate themselves across any VIP-enabled website. By leveraging a shared network, the VIP Authentication Service makes it simpler and more cost-effective for companies to implement stronger authentication. Membership in the VIP Network helps organisations to distribute the costs of strong authentication without compromising security. The VIP network includes some of the world's largest online retailers and financial services providers. To learn more about the VeriSign Identity Protection Services, visit:

"We selected VIP because it is a managed service and no hardware implementation was required," added Mr Nankervis. "We also had a choice of technology devices to deploy to customers, which were very competitively priced."

VeriSign® EV SSL helps online businesses build trust with their customers by offering an effective safeguard against phishing scams that lure unsuspecting consumers to sites designed to appear almost identical to genuine Web pages. Identity thieves use these fraudulent pages to capture credit card numbers, passwords and other valuable personal information. When visiting sites protected by an EV SSL Certificate, Internet users using compatible high security browsers see a green address bar along with the genuine name of the business to which they're connecting. The green address bar tells consumers they have reached a website whose authenticity has been verified according to certain rules.

"With the increasing level and sophistication of threats, companies must take a more proactive, multi-layered approach to protecting their data and online identities," said Ed Elliff, Director of Identity and Authentication Services, VeriSign Asia Pacific. "The advanced identity protection services provided by VIP and EV SSL will help DocLocker to quickly build customer trust and confidence by safeguarding them from potential threats, such as identity theft and online fraud."

About DocLocker

DocLocker is an Australian-based company which provides businesses worldwide with secure online document storage and sharing services. DocLocker uniquely combines 2 Factor Authentication, 2048-bit data encryption, secure remote hosting, and advanced user permission controls in a service that's available on demand, is quick and easy to implement, locking down critical documents fast without support or resources needed from an IT department. For more information, visit