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Vision 2013

Symantec Vision 2013

Symantec Vision 2013 – April 15-18

Welcome to the Symantec Vision 2013 Press Center. This central hub will provide you with additional details and materials related to press and social media activities happening at the conference.


Exactly what should you expect from your week at Symantec Vision 2013?
The answer starts with more specialized knowledge tracks, technical sessions, hands-on labs, and one-on-one opportunities than ever before! In addition, expect discounted pre-conference workshops, expanded trainings, certification exams and much more. Read more.

Keynote Schedule

Tuesday, April 16
9am – 10:30am
  • Opening Address - Steve Bennett
  • Keynote Address - Francis deSouza
  • Discussion: “Keeping Your Business Safe and Compliant” - Dale Zabriskie & Anil Chakravarthy
  • "Endpoint Management Strategy and Future" - Dale Zabriski and Don Closser
  • Mobile presentation and demonstration - Fran Rosch
  • Presentation: "Keeping Your Business Up and Running", CJ Desai and Sean Regan
  • Demonstration: "Drag and Drop Data Center, part 1", George Winters
Wednesday, April 17
9am – 10:30am
  • Welcome - James Staten, Analyst from Forrester - Moderator
  • Panel Discussion #1: The Art of Cyberwar: Preparing for the #1 Threat to Governments and Businesses
  • Panel Discussion #2: Re-shaping the Data Center
Thursday, April 18
2pm – 3:40pm
  • Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation
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