Kevin Haley

Kevin Haley

Director, Symantec Security Response

Kevin Haley is Director of Product Management for Symantec Security Response where he is responsible for ensuring the security content gathered from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network is actionable for its customers. This includes educating customers on security issues and incorporating the security content into Symantec’s enterprise and consumer product lines. The valuable security data provides the basis for protecting customers against complex Internet threats and other security risks.

During his twelve years at Symantec, Haley has leveraged his security expertise in the development of the company’s antivirus solutions for endpoints and mail servers, and in creating network and system management solutions. Haley managed a global team of technical product managers who evangelized Endpoint Security Products and were responsible for field enable and technical training for SAV, SCS, SEP v11.0 and SNAC 11.0.

Before joining Symantec, Haley was part of the OpenView group at Hewlett-Packard, working on the company’s software distribution tools. Prior to Hewlett-Packard, Haley was a product manager at Sun Microsystems, where he managed the development and delivery of network and server software for Solaris on Intel.