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Email Management Solution Designed to Save Money and Time

July 25, 2008


Getting a handle on the growing volume of email with Symantec Enterprise Vault

A startup with a head start

Based in Cupertino, CA, Verigy Ltd. designs, manufactures, and sells advanced test systems for the semiconductor industry. Although the company is a startup, they are a spin-off from Agilent Technologies, so they have an advantage over most new companies in that much of their business model—existing products, customers, and revenue—was already in place. But CIO Todd Hauschildt and his team had to design and deploy a new IT infrastructure from scratch. With 1,600 employees worldwide and only 11 in IT, Verigy decided to keep their business model flexible by outsourcing most IT functions, employing top IT people to make strategic decisions and outsourcing less expensive skill sets.

Managing a world of email in-house

Like many global businesses, Verigy relies on email as a critical means of communication. Controlling the volume of email stored on their IT service provider’s servers was becoming a concern not only because the company was paying by the gigabyte for storage, but also because searching for business information or recovering accidentally deleted messages required increasing amounts of time. Hauschildt’s team evaluated many email archiving and search solutions and decided on Symantec Enterprise Vault because of its long and proven track record.
Verigy’s next decision was whether to procure the solution as an outsourced service or buy it outright and then out-task its management. “We never thought about bringing Enterprise Vault fully in-house because outsourcing is our model,” Hauschildt explains. “But instead of getting Enterprise Vault as a complete service, I chose to own the software and storage. That gives me more control. I can deploy Enterprise Vault as needed—putting servers in Europe or Asia as necessary, for instance. And because we out-tasked the management, we didn’t have to hire anyone.” Verigy turned the deployment and management over to Cornerstone Technologies, a Symantec business partner with considerable Enterprise Vault experience.

Quickly finding needles in an email haystack

Verigy’s IT department was spending days or weeks searching for information in archived email. “Before Enterprise Vault, we’d have to go to someone’s PC and literally grab their PST files and do a manual search to find relevant email,” Hauschildt notes. “Now—even before fully deploying Enterprise Vault—we’ve already used its capabilities to reach out to someone’s PC, grab a PST file, and search three gigabytes worth of data and pull out the 500 messages we needed. This was done in just hours.”
Verigy is finding that even employees outside the IT department are realizing increased productivity as a result of Enterprise Vault. As the solution archives email, it also compresses and deduplicates messages, moving them from email servers to an archive and reducing overall email storage by 40 to 60 percent. “We’ll get twice as much email storage for the same cost,” Hauschildt says. “We can double the mailbox size quota for employees. That makes everyone happier. It reduces the time they spend trying to delete messages and stay under quota.”
The PST migration option of Enterprise Vault will also allow Verigy to detect, migrate, archive, and index the contents of PST files that employees have created. With as much as three gigabytes of PST files per employee, the solution will allow the IT department to gather, archive, and eventually eliminate over four terabytes of information and automate email lifecycle management. Establishing a retention policy and uniformly deleting older information will further minimize costs and risk.

Backups and payoffs

When Verigy started up, the IT team decided not to perform PC backups in order to keep costs down. Instead, employees were given the option to purchase portable hard drives and back up their own data if they wanted to. But the portable drives weren’t secured or encrypted and the backups weren’t consistent, leaving the company subject to a tremendous amount of risk. Verigy’s team evaluated several backup solutions and selected Veritas NetBackup Desktop and Laptop Option (NetBackup DLO). They chose to have Cornerstone deploy and manage the solution once the email archiving project is completed.
Verigy has already begun to see a reduction in search costs. “Enterprise Vault paid for itself during the first two extensive search requests,” Hauschildt says. “It’s delivering easier search and management, and its deduplication technology will mean significant savings for us.” Also, the deduplication option of Veritas NetBackup will reduce the company’s overall file storage by 10 to 12 times. As a result, the company will get twice as much email storage for the same cost, essentially doubling the mailbox size quota for employees. According to Hauschildt, “These kinds of gains in efficiency are just what we need.”
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