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What It Takes To Be One Of The Most Just Companies

Symantec tops list of the 2017 “JUST 100” Rankings from Forbes and Just Capital

Symantec was named one of the top ten Most JUST Companies in the U.S., according to Forbes and JUST Capital, a nonprofit research organization that ranks the largest publicly traded U.S. corporations. The second annual JUST 100 ranking, released today, compares companies head-to-head, and Symantec is recognized for outperforming our peers on important criteria, including worker pay and treatment, job creation, healthy products and communities, environmental impact, and more.

“The second annual JUST 100 list serves as a report card for corporate America, providing unbiased data about how corporations are performing on the issues Americans care most about,” said Forbes editor Randall Lane. “At a time when corporate America, as a whole, faces low public approval, the companies in the JUST 100 provide an example for their peers on how to win back the trust of the American people.”

The rankings are based on comprehensive surveys of public attitudes towards corporate behavior, involving 10,000 respondents in 2017 and more than 72,000 over the past three years. The survey highlighted the importance of how companies treat their workers, customers, products, the environment, communities, jobs, and finally, management and shareholders in this order. JUST Capital then tracked and evaluated the performance of the 1,000 largest publicly-traded companies in the U.S., including Symantec, against these priorities to create a list of the top 100 companies across all industries in rank order, as well as the 33 top performers by industry.

"I am proud of Symantec’s continued leadership as a responsible and successful company, bringing together our people, passions, and powerful technology to support social and environmental priorities," said Greg Clark, CEO of Symantec. At Symantec, corporate responsibility and positive societal impact are core to our business strategy and integrity is a cornerstone of our mission and values.

JUST Capital’s survey results showed that people care about how companies treat their employees. Symantec aims to support and enhance our global workforce, providing our employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their daily work. In FY17, we re-launched Xcellerate, a one-year program for high-performing employees. The program, which includes individual coaching and the creation of individual development plans, is a way to further develop our high performers and recognize their value to the company.

The JUST Capital methodology also focuses on job creation, and Symantec is working to fill the cyber security workforce gap with programs including Symantec Cyber Career Connection. Launched in 2014, the training and job-placement focused program provides a pathway for underrepresented and under-resourced young adults and veterans to fill in-demand cyber security jobs and enjoy long-term, meaningful careers.

Above, the third class of Symantec C3 students at nonprofit education partner NPower
Above, the third class of Symantec C3 students at nonprofit education partner NPower

Per the JUST Capital survey, environmental and community impact are ranked as top responsibility issues. Symantec’s focus on environmental performance not only supports our business objectives – it also contributes to the urgent action needed to combat global climate change and other environmental challenges. We are well on track to meet or exceed our ten-year goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent by 2025. In FY17, Symantec reduced emissions by 15 percent (bringing the total to 19 percent), mainly through site consolidation and creating more efficient spaces in existing buildings, decreasing the footprint of data centers by using the cloud, and through renewable energy projects.

In addition to building a more environmentally sustainable business, the passion, advocacy, and activism of our employees have positively impacted thousands of people around the world. This past October, Symantec employees provided 6,000 hours and $41,000 to causes in need through our second annual Global Service Week. This weeklong volunteer effort is part of Symantec’s broader volunteer initiatives, including Matching Gift, Dollars for Doers, Nonprofit Board Service, and Symantec Service Time, which grants employees five paid days off each year to volunteer.

Symantec’s Consumer Business Unit volunteers at Second Harvest Food Bank as part of Global Service Week.
Symantec’s Consumer Business Unit volunteers at Second Harvest Food Bank as part of Global Service Week.

We are proud that our corporate responsibility efforts and programs have helped us to be recognized as one of the most JUST Companies in the U.S. We congratulate all of the other ranked companies and invite you to learn more about our efforts to create a more secure a sustainable future.

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