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Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation Gets a Boost

Innovations in detection, prevention, and integration further enhance Symantec single-agent endpoint security

Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation just got better. Which is saying a lot because it’s already the most complete endpoint protection platform (EPP) available today.

Before we go into the hows and whys of what the platform offers, let’s quickly review the current (and future) realities we built it to address.

Desperately Seeking Endpoint Security

With so many endpoint security products on the market, you have to wonder: Why there are still so many successful cyber attacks. This is really two questions.

Why are there so many endpoint security products?

The huge supply is driven by the intense demand created by bad actors hammering on vulnerable systems. Endpoint devices are everywhere, easy to compromise, and, once breached, often provide a short swim upstream to prized corporate data. Cyber criminals are very good at what they do—and getting better all the time—and they are relentless. As the problem worsens, more vendors sell more fixes. No mystery there.

Why is the problem worsening?

Most endpoint security products try to plug specific security holes. Unfortunately, cyber criminals poke more holes in endpoint defenses than single point products have ‘fingers’ with which to respond. Worse, once attackers slip past your endpoint defenses, they typically evade detection for months—191 days on average in 2017 according to the 2017 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study—all while quietly ransacking your network and exfiltrating data.

Even if your endpoint defenses detect suspicious activity, they may not be able to contain or root out the problem.

You could theoretically buy and implement point products to address every imaginable endpoint nightmare scenario. But that’s going to get very complicated and very costly very fast—and such a piecemeal ‘system’ is likely to be very leaky.

Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation

Welcome to Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation. We think it’s the strongest, most complete endpoint protection available—and industry analyst Gartner apparently agrees. In its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, Gartner positioned Symantec up and to the right in the leaders’ quadrant: Highest in our ability to execute and furthest in our completeness of vision.

Available as an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solution, Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation:

  • Prevents threats across the attack chain
  • Detects and investigates suspicious events
  • Remediates attacks in minutes with one click
  • Optimizes investments without adding new agents

See More, Block More, Detect More

We’ve already established Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation as the only EPP that delivers prevention, detection and response, deception, and hardening all in a single agent.

Now we’ve made the industry’s most complete EPP even better by bolstering it with

  • Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA)
  • Automatic sandbox submissions
  • Managed detection and response services
  • Enhanced application security
  • Integrated cyber defense (ICD) enhancements

Targeted Attack Analytics—Provides early warning of emerging advanced persistent threats (APTs) and reduces your exposure via a continuous stream of detection analytics (powered by cross-control-point global telemetry, advanced artificial intelligence, and unequaled threat research).

Automatic sandbox submissions—Automatically delivers suspicious executable files to sandboxing (cloud-based or on-premises) for detonation, speeding your investigations.

Managed Detection and Response Services (from Symantec and Symantec partners)—Enables your security staff to aggressively hunt threats and respond to incidents, all while freeing up resources and minimizing ‘alert fatigue.’

Enhanced application security—Prevents unwanted applications from executing, reducing the application attack surface via granular white listing controls.

ICD enhancements—Squeezes maximum productivity from your current security infrastructure. Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) integrates with Symantec Content Analysis for multilayer inspection, detection, and sandboxing. In addition, SEP supports VIP and PIV/CAC smart cards for multifactor authentication.

These several updates to Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation translate into greater visibility to view more attacks, thanks to the integration with Symantec Content Analysis. At the same time, it will help prevent more attacks, thanks to white listing controls. Lastly, users will have more ability to detect and respond to attacks, thanks to Targeted Attack Analytics.

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Abhishek Srivastava is Senior Director of Product Management for Endpoint and Data Center Security at Symantec. He leads product strategy and execution for key products delivering Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation.

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