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Symantec’s Email Security Service Receives FedRAMP Authorization

This is the first step in the company’s cloud security certification strategy

The federal government’s commitment to cloud computing continues to grow, both in budget and in practice. IDC expects the federal government to increase its spending on cloud computing to $3.3 billion per year in 2021, a more than 30 percent increase from today.

Cloud computing also serves as a central part of the administration’s larger information technology modernization efforts. The Modernizing Government Technology Act designates $500 million over the next two years to modernize legacy systems, many of which will be replaced with cloud technologies.

With this increased move to the cloud, security becomes a key component. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, FedRAMP, has become a trusted way for federal agencies to bring secure cloud solutions into their environment. As agencies look to strengthen their cyber security posture using public cloud across critical applications such as email, selecting a FedRAMP Authorized email security service that provides strong protection against malicious threats should be at the forefront of the migration strategy.

FedRAMP for Email

Symantec’s Email Security Service – Government recently completed the stringent review process to receive FedRAMP authorization, making it the first comprehensive cloud email security solution to receive this accreditation. Federal agencies rely on email more than any other communication tool and it has become a haven for cyber criminals to attack.

According to the 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, one out of every 131 emails in 2016 contained a malware attack, and 61 percent of organizations were hit by a ransomware attack in 2016. While traditional email vendors provide excellent communications systems, security is not their primary focus. For federal agencies to secure these email systems they need additional security. At Symantec, we are fully committed to FedRAMP and its importance to ensuring that cloud solutions properly meet established standards.

Symantec Email Security Service - Government

Symantec Email Security Service - Government is a FedRAMP Authorized cloud service that provides inbound and outbound messaging security including powerful protection against the latest messaging threats for popular email systems, such as Microsoft Office 365 email, Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail.

This service effectively blocks advanced threats including ransomware, spear phishing and business email compromise, while catching more than 99 percent of spam. Symantec’s solution combines multilayer detection technologies, such as advanced heuristics; URL and sender reputation filtering; spam and malware filtering; targeted attack protection; as well as content filtering and data loss prevention to protect sensitive information shared over email. It also prevents zero-day threats by removing potentially malicious content from documents and PDF files, providing additional protection against this attack vector. Federal users can feel confident that the email that appears in their inbox has gone through a rigorous security procedure to ensure it is safe to open.

Other Security Considerations

As more federal agencies move to the cloud they need to consider additional layers of protection in addition to a focus on messaging. For example, cloud access security brokers can help ensure that data remains protected whether it is being stored on-premise or in the cloud, multi-factor authentication can guarantee that only the right people are accessing data at the right time, and data loss prevention improves risk management controls for sensitive data. These are all important capabilities for agencies to consider as they continue to hone their cloud strategies.

While this FedRAMP authorization is an important step for Symantec in bringing cloud security to federal agency email platforms, it is also only the beginning. We are committed to making investments to ensure our entire cloud security portfolio is FedRAMP authorized, helping to protect government’s most valuable data on-premise, at the endpoint and in the cloud.

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