Symantec™ Central Quarantine Implementation Guide

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This guide includes procedures to install, configure, and manage the Central Quarantine.


Table of Contents:
About Symantec Central Quarantine
About Central Quarantine components
How Central Quarantine works
About identifying and quarantining viruses
About analyzing viruses
What you can do with Central Quarantine
Where to get more information about Central Quarantine
Before you install
System requirements for the Central Quarantine Server
System requirements for the Quarantine Console
Installing the Central Quarantine
About the Central Quarantine
Enabling the Quarantine Server
Configuring the Quarantine Server
Configuring an Antivirus and Antispyware Policy to use the Quarantine Server
About Central Quarantine properties
Managing quarantined files
Viewing the quarantined items
Deleting the quarantined files
Restoring quarantined files
Submitting samples for analysis
Setting an automatic sample submission policy
Submitting files manually
Reviewing sample submission status
Viewing attributes for a sample
Reviewing the actions that were taken on a sample
Reviewing the submission errors for a sample
Configuring events and alerts
Specifying the events that trigger alerts
About sample processing
Sample Status
Sample State
Final states
Transit states
Pending states
Active states


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