Symantec® Control Compliance Suite® Virtualization Security Manager® Administration Guide

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The Symantec Control Compliance Suite Virtualization Security Manager (VSM) provides a centralized point of control for hypervisor configuration, compliance, and access management.

This guide assumes you have already deployed the VSM as a virtual machine on a VMware ESX (4.0/4.1) or ESXi (4.0/4.1/5.0) host. If not, refer to the Symantec CCS VSM Installation Guide for details.

This guide describes how to administer the VSM using the VSM Management Console and other applicable tools.

This guide does not discuss installation of the VSM. See the Symantec CCS VSM Installation Guide for more information.

This guide is intended for information technology personnel who are reasonably proficient in the following areas:

  • Using VMware vSphere
  • Networking and route configuration
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  • Policy Management

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