Symantec™ Workspace Streaming 7.5 Installation and Implementation Guide

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Symantec™ Workspace Streaming 7.5 Installation and Implementation Guide


1. Installing Workspace Streaming
Before you install
Workspace Streaming deployment architecture
Workspace Streaming Server installation mode
Server requirements
Workspace Streaming port requirements
Installing Workspace Streaming through interactive mode
Installing Workspace Streaming through silent mode
Migrating or upgrading to Workspace Streaming
Uninstalling Workspace Streaming
Troubleshooting Workspace Streaming installer
2. Configuring Workspace Streaming Database and User Data Source
Configuring Workspace Streaming database through interactive mode
Configuring Workspace Streaming database using MS SQL Server/Express
Configuring Workspace Streaming database using Oracle
Configuring Workspace Streaming database through silent mode
Configuring the user data source
3. Installing the Workspace Streaming Agent
About the Workspace Streaming Agent
Workspace Streaming Agent requirements
Installing the Workspace Streaming and Workspace Virtualization Agents
Installing the Workspace Streaming Agents using management tools or scripts
Installing the Workspace Streaming Agents through the Streaming Portal
Installing the Workspace Streaming and Workspace Virtualization Agents manually
Installation options in the setup file
4. Managing the Streaming System
About the Streaming Console
Starting the Streaming Console
About Workspace Streaming Console user types
Types of Streaming Console user roles
Using the Streaming Console to add server components
Monitoring Front End Server
About Server Groups
Configuring a multi-tier deployment
About configuring a server group
Adding a server group
Modifying a Server Group
Configuring a Server Group
Server Group Configuration: Basic tab
Server Group Configuration: Advanced tab
Server Group Configuration: External Address tab
Server Group Configuration: Logging tab
Server Group Configuration: Auto Recovery tab
Configuring and creating a Data Access Server group
Modifying server parameters in a server group
Adding or removing children in a Multi-Node installation
Starting and stopping servers
Managing Streaming Server Licenses
Viewing Server Licenses
Uploading Licenses
Setting Client License Notification
Configuring the Streaming Portal
Configuring Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) with Firefox
Adding Launch Server to the Internet Explorer list of trusted sites list
Customizing the Streaming Portal
Reclaiming licenses from inactive computers
Reclaiming licenses at VDI logoff
Configuring basic parameters for the Streaming Server
Configuring advanced Streaming Server parameters
Unlocking parameters from a server group
Configuring expiry settings for a Streaming Server
Configuring user and session settings
Using the command-line tool
Configuring the command-line tool
Viewing server status
Starting and stopping a server through silent mode
Configuring load balancing
Enabling secure connections using SSL
Set up a Secure Connection for the Launch Server
Set up a Secure Connection for the Streaming Console
5. Configuring the Back End server
Managing the package repository
About the package repository
Viewing package repository information
Changing the location of the package repository
Migrating packages to a new repository location
Granting file management privileges to access the package repository
Moving the package repository to a network storage location
Configuring the Streamlet Engine
Configuring Streamlet Engine parameters
Configuring a standalone DA server when STE connected to SQL Server 2005
Configuring a standalone DA Server when STE connected to an Oracle database
6. Configuring the Front End servers
Configuring an external package repository
About an external package repository
Configuring a file share to stream packages
Granting users privileges to read the file share
Copying packages to a file share
Providing the path to the streaming file share
Selecting users who receive packages from a file share
Verifying that packages are streamed from the file share
Exporting packages to another server
Exporting packages
Configuring Front End servers for failover
Configuring termination timeouts for servers
7. Managing the Workspace Streaming Agent
About Using Workspace Streaming Agent
Accessing the Streaming Portal with browser less authentication
Streaming Applications from Firefox/Netscape
Accessing the Application Manager
Working with the Application Manager
Pushing shortcut icons and applications to the desktop
Preventing upgrade notification after user logon
About Server Whitelisting
Enabling Server Whitelisting
Server Whitelisting settings
About interaction with antivirus and security products
Configuring file system access for antivirus and security products
Using the Workspace Streaming Agent command-line tool
Running the Workspace Streaming Agent command-line tool
Removing an application from the cache
Prepopulating the cache
Configuring the Streaming Agent using Group Policy Object updates
A. Symantec™ Workspace Streaming 7.5 Third-Party Legal Attributions
Third-Party Legal Attributions
ACE v6.1.0
Apache – Commons v3.1, Tomcat v7.0.27, Torque 3.3, XLM RPC 3.1, Axis
Boost 1.51.0
Ckzip (Creative Commons)
Crypto lib 5.5
CXImage 5.60 is licensed under the zlib license
Grails 1.3.7
Hibernate 3.2.4
iText 2.1.7
Jasper Reports 0.6.0
Jboss 4.2.2
Jcryption 2.0
JDOM 1.0
JFreechart 0.9.19
JGroups 2.5.1
Jquery (JS Library) 1.7.1
JTDS 1.2.2
Apache Log4J 1.2.8
Prototype (JS library)
Scriptaculous (JS library) 1.7
Spring (Framework) 3.0.6
Apache Struts 1.2.9
ZLIB 1.2.3

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