About NetBackup appliance software release updates

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About NetBackup appliance software release updates

Symantec provides bundled, release-update packages for the appliance that you can download from the Symantec Support website. From the NetBackup Appliance Web Console or the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu, you can check the Symantec Support website and determine if an update is available.

The bundled packages include updates for the following appliance software applications:

  • Linux operating system

  • NetBackup server

  • NetBackup Appliance Web Console


Starting with appliance version, NetBackup clients are no longer included with NetBackup appliance release updates. If you want to store clients on the appliance, a separate client package is available to download. The client package is available from the same location as the server release updates and includes the NetBackup Administration Console. Client versions that are stored on the appliance do not have to match the NetBackup version that is currently installed on the appliance.

To prepare for an appliance software upgrade, plan for a period of downtime for your appliance. The upgrade process provides an estimate on how long the process may take to complete. You are given the choice to proceed with the upgrade, or schedule the upgrade for a different time so that you can continue your work.

Appliance upgrades should follow the same order as traditional NetBackup upgrades. The master server appliance should be updated first, then the media server appliances can be upgraded. If a traditional NetBackup master server is used with a media server appliance, that master server must have either the same or a later version of NetBackup as the media server appliance. For example, before you upgrade a media server appliance with NetBackup Appliance version 2.6, first upgrade the master server to NetBackup version 7.6.

The upgrade process takes the necessary steps to make sure that the upgrade completes successfully. It first determines if the available update is newer than the version of software that is currently installed. It then determines if there is enough available space on the appliance to install the release update.

To help make sure that the upgrade is successful, the upgrade mechanism is designed to stop processes. The upgrade process checks to see if there are any active NetBackup jobs. The upgrade process only proceeds if it is determined that no active jobs are detected.

After a successful upgrade, the appliance version is updated to the latest release update level.


If the upgrade fails, the upgrade process attempts to roll back all software to the previously installed version. The error is logged in the appliance logs, and the administrator is notified. You can consult the /log directory for further error information.

From the NetBackup Appliance Web Console, select Manage > Software Updates to view which software updates are available to download and install. From the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu, use the following commands to view the detailed list of software information, see which update is currently installed, and see the current version of the appliance:

  • Main_Menu > Manage > Software > List Details

    This command shows a detailed list of all of the installed RPMs or a detailed list of all of the factory-installed RPMs.

  • Main_Menu > Manage > Software > List Downloaded

    This command shows a list of the downloaded software updates.

  • Main_Menu > Manage > Software > List EEBs

    This command shows a list of the EEBs that are installed on the appliance.

  • Main_Menu > Manage > Software > List Version

    This command shows the current appliance and NetBackup versions.

To access available appliance software release updates, refer to the following topics:

See Uploading NetBackup appliance software release updates using an automated download method.

See Uploading NetBackup appliance software release updates or client packages using a manual download method.

See Manage > Software Updates

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