About the Management Information Base (MIB)

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About the Management Information Base (MIB)

Each SNMP element manages specific objects with each object having specific characteristics. Each object and characteristic has a unique object identifier (OID) that is associated with it. Each OID consists of the numbers that are separated by decimal points (for example,

These OIDs form a tree. An MIB associates each OID with a readable label and various other parameters that are related to the object. The MIB then serves as a data dictionary that is used to assemble and interpret SNMP messages. This information is saved as a MIB file.

You can check the details of the SNMP MIB file from the Setting > Notifications > Alert Configuration page. To configure the appliance SNMP manager to receive hardware monitoring related traps, click View SNMP MIB file in the SNMP Server Configuration pane.

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