How to use Software Delivery Solution to install Microsoft Office 2003

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I would like to use Software Delivery Solution to install Microsoft Office 2003. What is a good way to do this?


Here are the steps to install Microsoft Office 2003 from a network share using a transform file.

  1. Copy the contents of the Microsoft Office 2003 installation CD to a network share that is accessible to all client computers.
  2. Download and install the Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit from Microsoft (
  3. Run the Custom Installation Wizard to create an .mst file with custom settings for your site. Pay particular attention to the command line given by the Wizard. You will use this as the command line in the Software Delivery program.
  4. Copy this .mst file to the network share.
  5. Create a Software Delivery job (task/package/program) manually or by using the Software Delivery Wizard.
  6. Configure the package sources as "Package does not contain source files."
  7. Configure the program to use the command line from step 3. You will want to specify the full UNC path to the setup.exe executable. You should not have to specify the full UNC path for the transform file (for example: \\YourHost\yourshare\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=yourtransform.mst /qb-).

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