Scanning storage devices from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

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Scanning storage devices from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

The following procedure describes how to scan the connected storage devices from Manage > Storage > Disks. Whenever a storage device is connected, use Scan to detect the storage device or refresh its status. If the Scan does not display the updated storage device information, then restart the appliance to refresh the storage device information.


If you want to expand storage and attach a Storage Shelf or an expansion system to an appliance, see the Symantec NetBackup Appliance Hardware Installation Guide for the appropriate platform. Once these Storage Shelves or expansion systems are properly connected to the Appliance, you must scan the devices from the Disks tab. Once the newly available disks are displayed, these disks must be added so the additional space can be used. The new disks have the New Available status.

To scan storage devices from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

  1. Log on to the NetBackup Appliance Web Console.

  2. Click Manage > Storage > Disks.

  3. Click Scan.

  4. You are prompted for confirmation. Click Yes to confirm. The scan starts.


    If you are scanning the 5330 appliance for the first time, disk initialization may take some time. The disk initialization happens in the background and may take up to 56 hours depending on the system load. The estimated time is up to 28 hours for a Primary Storage Shelf and up to 28 hours for an Expansion Storage Shelf. You can continue to use the appliance during this time. However, if one or more of the new disks are used by partitions during the disk initialization process, the performance of backup and restore operations on the specific disks degrades by up to 30%

  5. When the scan is complete, click OK. The Disks tab refreshes automatically. If a new storage shelf is detected on a 52xx appliance, a new disk ID appears in the Disks tab.

    For 52xx appliances, the new entry should have the following attributes:

    • Type = Expansion

    • Status = New Available

    For 5330 appliances, 6 Data disks and 1 Meta disk are displayed for a Primary Storage Shelf or an Expansion Storage Shelf. For a 5330 appliance that has a Primary Storage Shelf and an Expansion Storage Shelf, 12 Data disks and 2 Metadisks appear in the Disks tab. The status for these disks is New Available.

    You can now add this disk to the Unallocated space.

    See Adding the storage space from a newly available disk

See About storage configuration

See Manage > Storage > Disks

See Removing an existing storage disk

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