Scheduling a consolidated report

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Scheduling a consolidated report

When you are in a group view, you can schedule the generation of consolidated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You must do an initial setting of the parameters required to schedule a consolidated report generation.

Before you schedule a consolidated report, under Server/group, click Change and select a global group or sub group, if not already selected. Reports can be scheduled only on global groups or sub groups of exchange servers.


Only summary reports can be scheduled.

To ensure that scheduling consolidated report works in a multi-domain environment

  1. Launch the Server Manager from the Administrative Tools and browse to Roles > Active Directory Domain Services > Active Directory Users and Computers > <server_name> > Users.

  2. Double-click SMSMSE Admins Properties panel and make the SMSMSE Admins group as a Universal security group, as illustrated.

  3. Save the setting and let the active directory replication complete.

  4. Under the Members tab of the SMSMSE Admins Properties panel, add the domain user to the SMSMSE Admins group.

    The user who schedules the consolidated report is the domain user.


Repeat steps 1 through 4 for every domain where SMSMSE is installed in the forest. SMSMSE Admins group from each domain must be changed to Universal security Group and the user account that is used for generating the reports must be added to SMSMSE Admins group.

The user account or the group (SMSMSE Admins) that is used for generating reports must have the Log on as a batch job permission on the SMSMSE console machine. To do this, go to Start > Run and type secpol.msc to launch the Local Security Policy console. Browse to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Log on as a batch job properties panel, as illustrated and add the user or the group SMSMSE Admins.

To schedule a consolidated report

  1. In the Mail Security console, go to Reports > Tasks > Schedule consolidated report.

  2. In the Schedule consolidated report panel, select Enable Scheduling.

    The default option select is Disable Scheduling.

  3. Select a time in hh-mm format under the Generate report at box.

  4. Select either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly option to schedule a consolidated report.

    • Daily - A report is generated daily, at the time that you set in step 3

    • Weekly - Select one or more day(s) of a week to schedule a consolidated report.

    • Monthly - Select the day of the month from the Day drop-down list on which you want to schedule generation of a consolidated a report.

  5. Enter a password in the Please Enter Logged-in User Password input box.

    It is mandatory to provide the logged-in user password to schedule the task in Task Scheduler with the property Run whether user is logged on or not.

  6. Click Ok to save the settings.

The SMSMSE report consolidation process needs to wait till the request gets routed to each server in the group. The default wait time can be changed. For more information refer the Mail Security Knowledge Base.

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