Will there be any changes to current 6.x PMImport data when 7.0 is released?

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Will there be any changes to the current PMImport data when Patch 6.x for Windows Solution 7.0 is released?

To accommodate Patch For Windows Solution 7.0, a number of modifications to PMImport are required. These modifications will not affect product functionality in Patch for Windows Solution 6.2. The impact in 6.2 will be that the PMImport task may run longer than it normally does in your environment. This will only happen the first time the PMImport task runs after the changes are live. These changes will not affect staged bulletins, update tasks, reports or clients in any way. A description of the modifications are as follows:

- Software Products and Software Releases

Patch For Windows 6.2 used only a generic product name as Software Product. The change will now organize products starting with a product name and version. For example, in the 6.2 Solution Microsoft Word is defined as Word. In the 7.0 solution, it will be defined as Word 2000, Word 2002(XP) and Word 2003.

- Update Version

If you clicked on the details of a software update in the resource manager, the version field was left blank. Now, we will record the release version of a software update. Most updates are version 1.0 however there are the occasional re-releases of an update.  This is the case for version 6.2 and 7.0

- Resource Keys

We have added resource keys to uniquely identify both software products and software updates. This is functionality that will be used by Patch For Windows 7.0.

- Modified Goal and CAB file changes

To ensure we are able to build the data release for both versions of Patch, we have adjusted our Patch Tuesday Goal accordingly:

24 Hrs. Goal – Standard & Supplementary English only build. Version no. X.X.XXXX.0 (Critical Bulletins only)
48 Hrs. Goal – Standard & Supplementary All Language build. Version no. X.X.XXXX.1 (Single byte Languages & All Bulletins)
72 Hrs. Goal – Standard & Supplementary All Language build. Version no. X.X.XXXX.2 (Specific Double byte Language, if required)


This also means that we will have 1 set of cab files rather than 2 since we are combining our standard and supplemental cabs into a single release. Therefore the supplemental import task will become obsolete. If you do not wish to have Vista, Windows Server 2008 and x64 bit OS and sx64 software updates or if you are not utilizing the supplemental import task, you can set up resource exclusions. This will prevent this data from being present in your Altiris database. Please see KB45650 for steps to configure resource exclusions. KB46207 includes a tool to help automate the process of setting up the Resource exclusions.

In the months were there are a high amount of updates released, i.e. anything greater than 35 updates, Symantec will release the first build with bulletins that have a severity rating of 'Critical'. The second release will then contain bulletins with their respective updates that have 'Important', 'Moderate' and 'Low' rating.

Most of these changes will be present in the February 2009 4th week build. Only Standard & Supplementary combination will happen in March 2009 4th week build.

NOTE: There are issues with having the Microsoft Patch Management Import - Supplementary scheduled to run. Please view KB 51082.

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