Playing games remotely with pcAnywhere

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You want to use pcAnywhere to remotely play a game running on a host machine.



While pcAnywhere is designed to remotely control applications running on a host computer, playing games can be problematic. The following describes the five primary issues that do not make this feasible:

  1. pcAnywhere cannot provide a real-time connection to the host. You won't be able to control the action of any action-based game running at around five frames per second.
  2. pcAnywhere only transmits a maximum of 256 colors. Most games use higher color resolutions. This doesn't affect the performance of the game but does affect its appearance. Colors will either appear washed out or will not match those colors appearing on the host.
  3. pcAnywhere does not transmit audio from the host. No game sounds or dialog will be heard at the remote. For additional information on this refer to the document Hearing sound remotely with pcAnywhere.
  4. pcAnywhere does not support joysticks. You will be restricted to using the mouse or keyboard for game input.
  5. pcAnywhere generally cannot transmit 3D game video from the host to the remote. For detailed information on this issue refer to the document pcAnywhere and real-time graphics applications.


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