Error: "Polling for bound server" and Ghost never connects to the Ghost Console

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Ghost Console cannot connect to a client computer. You created a Ghost boot partition on a client computer, and then you restarted the computer. After the computer restarts, the message, "Polling for bound server" continuously displays, but the computer never connects to the Console. The client computer is not listed in the Ghost Console.



The client computer was probably not listed because it was improperly set up. Refer to the document Preparing a workstation for control by the Ghost Console for information on properly preparing a client computer. Also see the following solutions:

  • Delete the Pubkey.crt file from the Ghost directory in the boot partition. This file might be corrupted, or it might be "matched" with a different Ghost console computer than the one you intended it to connect to. See the document "How to replace the Pubkey.crt file" for instructions about how to do this.
  • Update the drivers for the network interface card. If using NDIS drivers, try using packet drivers. If you are using packet drivers, try using NDIS drivers.
  • Disable the firewall feature on the client computer and see if you are able to connect. Refer to the manual for your firewall software on how to disable the firewall program. If you are running Windows XP, see the Microsoft article 283673, HOW TO: Enable or Disable Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP.
  • Make sure the permission's for the Ghost Console user account include local Administrator. If they do not, add Administrator, and then stop and restart the Ghost service. See the document How to stop and start the Ghost service.
  • Reinstall the Console Client Agent.
  • Test your configuration by placing the client computer and the server computer on the same subnet. In addition, you might try placing the client and server on an isolated hub, without using a switch device.
  • Add a static IP address to the Wattcp.cfg file for testing purposes, if you are using a DHCP server. Verify that the static IP address is not conflicting with any other IP addresses.
  • Add the line receive_mode=6 to the Wattcp.cfg file.

Note: If the client computer is not reporting "Polling for bound server," but instead is sending regular status reports, see the document Cannot see Ghost Client computer in Machine Groups in Ghost Console.

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In some cases this problem is actually caused by the Ghost server. Rebooting the Ghost server will sometimes resolve the error. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Ghost Console can also resolve the problem.


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