Cannot see Ghost client computer in Machine Groups in Ghost Console

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You installed the Ghost Client on the client computers. Although the Ghost Client appears to be running, the Ghost Console, which is installed at the Ghost server computer, does not list the client computer. When you use a debug utility, you see that the client computer is sending regular status reports to the Ghost server computer.

The client computer is running the Novell Client but not the Microsoft Client.


While both the Ghost client computer and Ghost server computer are running in Windows, Ghost requires NetBIOS for communications. To resolve the problem, install the Microsoft Client at each client computer that exhibits the problem. Installing the Microsoft Client automatically installs NetBIOS.

Other causes and solutions

  • If the client computers are on a different subnet than the subnet that the Ghost Console computer is on, enable multicasting on the routers and switches that are between the Ghost Console computer and the client computers or add a WINS proxy server to the same subnet as the client computers.
  • If an existing machine entry in any machine group has the same MAC address of the new client, the new machine will not show up. This should only happen if you have removed the NIC from the old client and put it in another computer. Since the old machine entry is not being used, delete the old entry from all machine groups and reinstall the client.
  • If the client computers run Windows NT 4.0 and are on a different subnet than the Ghost Console computer and the WINS proxy server, then ensure that a WINS proxy server exists on the same subnet as the client computers.
  • The client computer may have multiple network interface cards (NICs). Either remove or disable one of the NICs to fix this problem.
  • The Ghost services or the console may not recognize the Ghost client computer. To fix this problem, restart the Ghost services or reboot the Ghost console computer.
  • If you have just installed the client or redirected it, wait a few minutes and see if this corrects the problem. In rare cases it has taken over an hour for a client to populated in the console.
  • Under Windows XP, you may need to disable the Internet Connection Firewall to see the clients.
  • If the client computer has anti-spyware software installed, this can sometimes interfere with communication between the client and the console. Disabling the anti-spyware application temporarily will allow the client to appear in the ghost console in these instances.

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