Not enough disk space on the destination drive

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When you perform a Disk-to-Disk operation, a Partition-to-Partition operation, or you restore an image file, you see a message that indicates the destination partition or disk does not have enough room.


Generally, this problem happens when the destination disk or partition is the same size as or slightly smaller than the source disk or partition. In this case, configuring Ghost to increase the size of the partition usually resolves the problem.

When the destination disk or partition has considerably more space than the source, try each of the following solutions:

  • If using the switch -SPAN, use the switch -SPLIT instead.
  • Check the BIOS to ensure that the destination drive is set up correctly.
  • Replace the version of the DOS system files on the bootable floppy disk or Ghost Boot Partition with MS DOS files. See the document How to replace the DOS files.
  • Run Ghost with the -OR switch to prevent Ghost from evaluating the amount of available space on the destination disk or partition. After Ghost completes the cloning process, determine whether the destination disk or partition includes all the data that was in the source disk or partition. If some data is missing, try a different solution for this problem.
  • Create the image using the -IR and the -OR switch and restore the image using the -OR switch. 

If the previous solutions do not resolve the problem, see the document that most closely matches the message that Ghost displays:

Error: "18501 - Target partition is too small to contain the source partition" while creating an image file
Error: "18501 - Target too small to contain source partition" when restoring an image
Error: "40011 - Destination drive may be too small" when restoring an image to an identical drive
Error: "Not enough room" or "drive full" error when saving an image file
Error: "Not enough disk space, enable compression?" when saving an image file
Error: "Error 29088 Not enough disk space" when cloning


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