pcAnywhere support for virtual environments.

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Is pcAnywhere supported while running in a virtual environment?



The “full functionality” of pcAnywhere has never been tested against the “full functionality” of virtualization, therefore we cannot say that we officially “Fully” support pcAnywhere. What we offer is a “Best Effort” support offering.

We do not claim full support, nor do we say it won't work.

The functions of Remote Control, File Transfer, creation of serial ID sets, creation of custom install packages, host / remote connection to access server have all been used in a virtual environment, but not all options have been tested against all virtual environment options.

Problems encountered by customers running pcAnywhere in a virtualized environment will be troubleshot as on a supported hardware platform. If problems or incompatibilities are encountered, they will be addressed at that time.

NOTE: Known limitations of using pcAnywhere in a virtual environment these are the reported limitations that are known, this list may be updated as more work is done in virtual environments:

      • Blank host screen functionality will not work if the pcAnywhere host is running under a virtual Machine.
      • Mouse movements by pcAnywhere remote will not be reflected on host, as virtual machine has the control of mouse.


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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH109980

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