Hosts configured to use Access Server do not upgrade properly.

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When upgrading from a previous version of pcA to version 12.5 hosts configured to dock a an Access Server do not properly dock after the upgrade. Or if a earlier host configured to use Access Server is deployed to a host running version 12.5 it won't dock either.

Opening the host and looking at the Access Server settings will reveal that the text is garbled.



The portion of the .bhf file that holds the Access Server data has changed in version 12.5.


NOTE: Access server is not supported as of the 12.5 sp4 box version or 12.6.7 solution version.

Symantec is ware of this issue and is looking into a resolve. Any changes will be noted in this KB.

Work around

A new host can be created using the 12.5 product or the Access server information can be re-entered correctly to resolve this issue. Additionally a custom install can be created that includes the updated 12.5 host files using Symantec packager to build a custom deployment.

For more information on how to use Symantec Packager to create a custom install please see the following Article.

Title: 'pcAnywhere Step by Step How To: Using Symantec Packager to build a custom pcAnywhere installation package.'
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