Creating a custom disclaimer for the "Prompt to confirm connection" dialog screen on your pcAnywhere hosts.

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A custom dialog needs to be displayed on your host before a remote session is started in addition to the request for permission from the host.



To set up custom text in the "Prompt to confirm connection" field registry modifications will be required. In addition an INI file will have to be created.

The name of the custom INI file isn't important as long as your registry entry matches.

The contents of the INI must be formatted as follows where you replace the "a custom disclaimer" with you custom disclaimer. Save this file in a location with a name that you can reference later.

DISCLAIMER=a custom disclaimer

Disclaimer: Symantec ALWAYS recommends backing up any files or folders, especially the Windows Registry before making ANY changes.

To modify the registry settings do the following:

  1. Click on Start > Run. On the open line, type regedit.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\pcAnywhere\CurrentVersion\Host
  4. Edit the "CustomDisclaimer" key to include the location and name of the INI file built in the previous steps.
  5. Save changes and exit.

This will yield a screen like this on your host when a remote attempts to make a connection.

Note: The contents of my custom INI stated "Before allowing a support agent to connect to your machine please close any confidential information."

Also note that the default behavior will be to allow the connection after the timer counts down. If you do not want to allow a connection with out a host's user selecting Yes then the Host will need to be configured to disconnect after time out. See below for these steps.

  1. Right click on the host that is configured to run and select properties.
  2. Select "Security Options" tab.
  3. Select the prompt to confirm connection
  4. Adjust the time out
  5. Select the "Disconnect if time out" See screen shot below


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