Release Notes for bv-Config for UNIX version 8.1

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Release Notes for bv-Config for UNIX version 8.1



Release Notes
bv-Config™ UNIX®


bv-Config UNIX is a Windows-based application used to deploy the bv-Control for UNIX agent on the UNIX target machines. This application provides a GUI to configure installation parameters such as UNIX target, the agent install package path, and BindView Information Server to register with and so on. All the target information is stored in a Character Separated Value (CSV) file. This CSV file contains the target machine, authentication information along with installation options and a list of Information Servers you want to register the individual target machine with.

Using bv-Config UNIX you can automate:

· Removal of the existing agent software from the UNIX target machines.
· Importing the task list from a CSV delimited file.
· Installation of the agent software on the UNIX target machines.
· Registration/Unregistration of UNIX target with/from BindView Information Server.

Known Issues

We recommend that you review the following notes before using bv-Config UNIX with the BindView RMS Console:

 Absolute path for the Package Location must be specified in the Configuration Settings dialog.


Your BindView product CD contains the following documentation:

· Getting Started Guide - contains a high-level description on planning and deployment of bv-Control for UNIX, as well as evaluation scenarios and troubleshooting information.
· Quick Start Card - contains a high-level description of how to install and configure the product.
· Online Help - contains information on how to use bv-Config UNIX. You can access the Online Help by clicking the Help button in any dialog, by right-clicking an item and selecting Help from the action menu, or by pressing the F1 key.

Note: Some documentation is presented in PDF format. You must have Adobe® Reader® installed to view the PDF files. Adobe Reader installation programs for common operating systems are available for a free download from the Adobe Web site at

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