The bv-Control for Unix product is no longer configured in Control Compliance Suite ( CCS ) for Data Collection.

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The bv-Control for Unix snapin was fully configured and functional. Then it appears as though it is no longer configured. How to get the configuration back without having to reconfigure each host individually?

The bv-Control for Unix snapin status indicates it is not configured. It was configured previous to the new status.


MMC failure resulted in closure of all running apps. After the customer booted the BVIS and opened the RMS console. The bv-Control for Unix snapin is no longer configured. The credentials appear to remain.


The bv-Control for Unix product continues to appear as though it is not- configured.

Close the RMS console

Backup the following files by renaming the files;
\Program Files\Common Files\BindView\bv-Control\UNIXShared\Database\Scoping.mdb to

copy and rename-> \Program Files\Symantec\RMS\Control\UNIX\Database\oldScoping.mdb to
\Program Files\Common Files\BindView\bv-Control\UNIXShared\Database\Scoping.mdb

Open RMS console and verify that the bv-Control for Unix snapin is configured and has servers configured. 

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