How to determine what version of Bv-Control for Unix agent is running?

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 Don't know what version agent is running?


Method 1 - command line interface on a Unix host

Log on as root
enter the following
ps -ef | grep bv
go to the install path
execute the following command;
bvunix.startup -v

Here is an example of the procedure for the AIX host;

Enter the following command;

Using username "root".

-bash-3.00# ps -ef | grep bv
root 12708 1 0 Mar 16 - 0:03 /usr/local/BindView/bvcontrol/AIX /bin/bvcontrold -d 7
-bash-3.00# cd /usr/local/BindView/bvcontrol
-bash-3.00# ./bvunix.startup -v

    status Shows the current state of the daemon.
    -v Print version number and exit without starting agent

The results from the startup command:
Copyright © 2007, Symantec Corporation
bv-Control for UNIX Agent build on May 11 2008 at 18:05:57

Method 2 - Use the RMS query method:

Run a query listing the Rapid Fires applied. The latest rapid fire applied is the version of the agent you are running.

To report the complete list of all Rapid Fire updates that have been applied to UNIX targets:

  1. Click on the New Query icon from the row of icons at the top of the RMS Console.
  2. Expand bv-Control for Unix. Select the Machines data source.
  3. On the Field Specification Tab, under the All Fields folder, add Machine Name expand > All Fields and select List of Rapid Fire applied.
  4. No filter specifications are required.
  5. Scope to a specific server OR specific operating system, OR All Servers.


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