Unable to create 'local' backup job when client is managed by Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution (BESR-MS).

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When a client is managed by Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution (BESR-MS) or Symantec System Recovery Management Solution (SSR-MS), using a standalone console/UI, the client is unable to create 'local' recovery point set backup job if one has already been assigned to it by the management platform. In some versions a managed client appears to create a 'local' backup job on the client machine itself. However, once the define backup wizard completes, the job will appear in the list (within the 'Run or Manage Backups' section) for a few seconds then disappear or runs for a bit then self cancels.

NOTE: 'managed', means that the client machine has been discovered by BESR-MS/SSR-MS and has both the Altiris Agent and the Backup Exec System Recovery  or Symantec System Recovery Plug-in installed.


This is working by design.


When a client is managed by BESR-MS/SSR-MS, all job and schedule information is controlled by the management server. A backup policy must be created on the management server and then applied to the appropriate client machines. Local Independent backup jobs, not recovery point sets, can be created and ran successfully with newer versions of BESR-MS and SSR-MS. Independent backup job run a complete backup of the entire drive contents and is not capable of creating or using incremental recovery point files.

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Cannot create 'local' backups when client is managed by BESR-MS.

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