How to take a screen shot while in a pcAnywhere session.

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You can capture and save an image of the host computer screen during a session. The snapshot function captures the data that the host has already sent to the remote this saving bandwidth and time. You can capture and save multiple screen shots. Each screen shot must be saved in a separate file.



To take a snapshot
1 In the Session Manager window, on the left navigation bar, under Remote Control, click Take Snapshot.
2 In the Take Snapshot window, select one of the following:
Visible Display: Takes a snapshot of only the visible part of the host screen.
Entire Display: Takes a snapshot of the entire host screen.

3 In the Select Save Screen File window, in the Save in box, select the location which you want to save the snapshot.
4 In the File Name box, type a file name.
5 In the Save as type box, select .jpg or .bmp.
6 Click Save


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