Why does Inventory for Windows report memory and mouse details incorrectly?

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I have a problem with Inventory for Windows Solution:

  1. The memory module is reporting DIMM but the real is DDR. 
  2. The mouse is reporting PS2 but it is connect to USB.


Both are correct. Just the level of detail is incorrect. Every DDR belongs to the class of DIMM modules. So this answer is correct, but not granular enough. Since all modern PCs work with DIMMs, Inventory just doesn't figure the difference. WMI has a dataclass which describes the various DIMM types like DDR, but just as numeric values. Our Inventory cannot translate them. 

A USB mouse indeed still is a PS/2 pointing device. All it does is emulate the PS/2 port on the USB. While Windows won't figure the difference, it will just call it PS/2. 

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH14122

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