Can an SMTP notification be sent if only one virus is found with Symantec Scan Engine?

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You want to be notified by email when one virus is found but not necessarily when e.g. a container violation is found. Is this possible?


Symantec Scan Engine offers the option to send SMTP notifications.

Available levels are:
- None
- Error
- Outbreak
- Warning
- Information

An "Infection found" falls under the "Warning" level, as are e.g. "Definitions rollback", "Container violation found" etc.

Currently it is not possible to distinguish between an "Infection found" event and a "Container violation found" event.


Some customers have expressed the wish to be alerted when only one (1) virus is found but not for Container violations or other events in the "Warning" category.

An idea to add more granularity has been posted on the Symantec connect pages:

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