Increasing Hard Disk Space on a Symantec Encryption Management Server (previously PGP Universal Server)

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Increasing the hard disk space on the  Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) without rebuilding the server.



Currently you cannot increase the hard disk space of Symantec Encryption Management Server without rebuilding the server. Steps to rebuild the server with new hardware are as follows:

1)  Backup your organization key (including private portion) and SEMS data to an external storage location using the backup function in the SEMS Administration Console.  

  • This is found under: System > Backups
  • Change the backup location to an external server using FTP or SCP as the protocol for your backup
  • Check the backup logs, found under Reporting > Logs > Select the Backup drop-down menu option, to confirm the backup completed succesfully

Optional: Test restoring the backup on a test server just to make sure everything is functional with the backup

2)  Exchange hard disks in the server and replace with a larger one.  If using VMware, you can usually resize the disk (if you don't have any snapshots) by following this VMware KB article:

3)  Install a fresh SEMS installation from the ISO download (requires the full update package if downloading from FileConnect) on the larger disk drive.

4)  Log into the Symantec Encryption Management Server Administration Console after the installation completes with the hostname/IP address that you configured during installation and complete the initial setup wizard. 

5) Setup VMware tools on the server using this article here

6) Once VMware tools is installed correctly.  Log into the Administration Console and import the existing Organization Key.  

7) Go to System > Backups and upload a copy of the backup of your server that you created in Step 1.

8) To verify free disk space, access the server via SSH.  If you previously had PuTTY access to the server prior to the backup, restore your existing RSA keys.  If you have trouble accessing the server via SSH and you need to upload a new RSA key to the server for SSH access please follow the solution in TECH149673.

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