Where can antivirus definition levels be found in the Sygate 5.1 database in MSSQL?

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With Symantec Endpoint Protection 5.1 for Windows XP Embedded, how can the antivirus definitions in use by clients be listed via a database query?



The agent antivirus definitions are listed in the "RESERVED_CHAR2" column of the "SEM_AGENT" table.

Note: In order to find the correct agent, the ID found in the "COMPUTER_ID" column of the "SEM_AGENT" table must be correlated with the "COMPUTER_ID" column of the "SEM_CLIENT" table.

Below is an example of a query that can be used:

select im.NAME as 'Client Group',sc.COMPUTER_NAME, sa.RESERVED_CHAR2 as 'AV definitions' FROM SEM_AGENT sa inner join SEM_CLIENT sc on sa.COMPUTER_ID = sc.COMPUTER_ID inner join IDENTITY_MAP im on im.ID = sc.GROUP_ID order by 'Client Group',COMPUTER_NAME

The query will list the client group, machine name, and antivirus definition date for all clients in the database.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH158456

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