What is the Latest Available Version of Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2?

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 What is the most up-to-date release of Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2.0 or SPC 2.1, and where can a copy be obtained?


About SPC 2.x

Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2.0 became available as of July 29, 2011.  (Previously known as RC-1, the build number is
The first Roll-Up (RU), RU1, became available on October 25, 2011. After installation of RU1 the new build of SPC is

In December 2011, Symantec Protection Center 2.1 ( was released. SPC 2.0 Customers will be notified that an update to SPC is available for download. This is a LiveUpdate release only. This update provides fixes for a small number of defects, as well as several major enhancements.  

Symantec customers with an active subscription status for any of the integrated Symantec products are entitled to use SPC 2 and will receive basic level product support for free.


This release integrates with many Symantec Products. A partial list is below. For the most up to date list please visit Tech Article 169980 :

  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite
  • Symantec Critical System Protection
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Symantec™ DeepSight™ Intelligence Services
  • Symantec Encryption Family
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway
  • Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft® Exchange
  • Symantec Network Access Control
  • Symantec Web Gateway


SPC 2 is available on FileConnect. It is not available as a stand-alone product. SPC 2 is included as a downloadable ISO with the product files of the various Symantec products that it integrates with, such as those listed above.

A customer would use their serial number from any of the latest versions of the previously mentioned items at the Symantec Connect site.

How To Download and Install SPC 2 

To download the ISO first logon to the Symantec File Connect Site, enter the serial number from one of the products to be integrated, and navigate to the correct language to be downloaded. Included with the language appropriate files will be the SPC 2 ISO for download. It is zipped up and will need to be extracted, and then burned to a DVD. If the default languague is not one of the 13 localized languages SPC is provided for, US English will be the default.The console interface may be changed to one of the supported 13 languages at a later time.

Updating SPC 2

By default, SPC 2 uses LiveUpdate to keep its software components up-to-date. SPC 2 also uses LiveUpdate to update the information that is needed to work with supported products. If using the Automatic LiveUpdate feature, updates are downloaded and installed automatically. If not using the automatic update feature, update the software manually by visiting the support forum or one of the Symantec Connect Support forums, where the announcement of the updates will be posted.

SPC 2 can download updates either from Internet-based LiveUpdate source servers or from a correctly configured internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x server.

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