Critical System Protection hotfix for Redhat Linux glibc-2.5.-58.el5_6.4

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Critical System Protection hot fix

Symantec is releasing a hot fix for the Critical System Protection product to resolve a compatibility issue on the RedHat platform. This hotfix “SCSP-5.2-RHEL-HF1” will work correctly with glibc update version (glibc-2.5.-58.el5_6.4)

RedHat on 6/27/2011 made a glibc patch (glibc-2.5.-58.el5_6.4) available via RedHat Network Update. This is a normal way of receiving updates from RedHat and users would run update process after initial install, scheduled update or automatic update. One of the SCSP programs is not compatible with this version of glibc and causes the agent start to hang the boot-up process


Details on the glibc update:


Affected Critical System Protection Versions: All available SCSP agents running on RHEL 5.x (5.2.5, 5.2.7, 5.2.8)

Affected Operating System: RHEL 5.x (SCSP product does not have the same issue on  RHEL 6 and 6-U1)



If the glibc update has been applied and the system is experiencing a hang state, reboot the system using a suggested method below. Then apply this hot fix and follow the instructions.

If the glibc has not yet been updated, apply this hot fix first and follow the instructions. After the hot fix is applied, you may update the glibc to bring the system up to date with all available patches.

If applying this hot fix is not a viable option at this time, there are a few suggested workarounds below.

How to boot up a hung system successfully:

·         Restart the system, power reset if necessary.

·         Upon start up boot into single user mode. For further details on how to start in single user mode please refer to the follow document.


·         Disable SCSP agent start up script by renaming it.

o    mv /etc/init.d/sisipsagent  /etc/init.d/sisipsagent.bak

·         Restart system in default boot mode


Content of this Hot fix:

This hot fix contains following binaries that are impacted by the latest glibc update.


File Name

SCSP agent binary

Operating system



RHEL 5-U4 and 5-U5  32bit



RHEL 5-U4 and 5-U5  64bit



RHEL 5-U5 and 5-U6  32bit



RHEL 5-U5 and 5-U6, 64bit



Note: These packages are complete install packages which upgrade the SCSP agent on the RedHat 5 platform to this hot fix version. Customers using SCSP agent 5.2.5 on RHEL 5 should upgrade SCSP agent to the 5.2.8 RHEL agent.


Available workarounds:

These workarounds are provided for customers who are unable to apply the hotfix immediately.

·         Delay update of this specific update for glibc library.

·         To avoid accidental upgrade, exclude them from the list of available updates on yum. Add the following to your /etc/yum.conf file:

o   exclude=glibc glibc-common glibc-devel glibc-headers glibc-utils nscd

·         If already updated to (glibc-2.5.-58.el5_6.4) version, down grade using following command:

o   “yum downgrade glibc glibc-common glibc-devel glibc-headers glibc-utils nscd”


Additional information:

Other related compatibility issues with glibc latest update:





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