Error message : Secure Socket Layer connection failed in bv-Control for UNIX snap-in for CCS 10.5.1 RMS data collection.

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  1. One of the reason for this error’s  occurrence is mentioned in this article .
  2. You might face this issue , if you have updated the CCS  RMS to version 10.5.1 PCU 2011-3 and trying to update the unix agents with the latest RF updates .



Secure Socket Layer connection failed


CCS 10.5.1 data collection , PCU 2011-3


1. From CCS 10.5.1 onwards  , the BVIS supports FIPS mode enablement . After upgrading to CCS 10.5.1 data collection  PCU 2011-3 and trying to apply the latest RF updates on the unix agents , this error is faced while trying to query the Unix Servers if the BVIS is not set to FIPS mode or vice versa i.e BVIS is set to FIPS mode and old RF update (older than RF 10545 ) is applied .



  1. After the CCS 10.5.1 data collection is updated to PCU 2011-3 , apply the RF 10545 ( mandatory RF update needed  to be applied on the UNIX agents after upgrading the data collection to CCS 10.5.1 PCU 2011-3 ) on the UNIX agents .
  2. Now enable the FIPS mode on the BVIS for successful querying of the UNIX machines. As from 10.5.1 onwards it is mandatory for the BVIS to be FIPS enabled and all the latest RFs after 10545 onwards will support the FIPS openSSH communication between the BVIS and UNIX server.
  3. If the BVIS is FIPS enabled and an old RF is updated  or vice versa , then this issue can occur as there will be de synchronization between the BVIS and the old RF update .
  4. Please refer to Readme guide of CCS data collection PCU 2011-3 , page # 12 on how to enable FIPS mode on BVIS with other details of RF updates.


Readme guide for PCU 2011-3 CCS data collection .
ReadMe_CCS_DataCollection_PCU_2011-3.pdf (408 kBytes)

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