List of Scenarios on how the SNAC component behaves and how the SNAC components get enabled on the client.

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- SNAC component is not enabled on its own. There are a list of scenrios that were tested to see what happens with the SNAC component on the client console.

-In this test 2 environments were taken (i.e SEP 11.0 and SEP 12.1).

-Test involved, promoting the existing SEPM to SNAC manager as well just by copying the SNAC.XML in the license folder.

-Also, this test also involved in moving of the existing SNAC client from 11.0 to 12.1 by replacing the sylink.xml file on the client.

Behavior of this test was examined and captured in this KB article.





- Over here we took an existing network with Host Integrity enabled on the SEPM after (i.e we  copied snac.xml on SEPM manager and made it to SNAC manager)

As soon as SEPM manager becomes a SNAC manager, clients will become SNAC client after the next heart beat interval (when SEP client and SNAC manager is 11.x).


For SEP client and SNAC manager 12.1, Clients don't show SNAC component enabled is there is no Host Integrity policy is assigned to the particular group.

When Host Integrity policy is assigned to the existing clients

SNAC component is installed and its Active and the “Check now (SEP 11.x)/ Check compliance (SEP 12.1)” option will be enabled

When the Host Integrity Policy is Withdrawn

Still SNAC component will be Installed and its Active and the “Check now” option will be disabled when SNAC manager is 11.x and SEP clients is 11.x.


SNAC component is not seen on the client only when if SNAC manager is 12.1 and client is SEP 11.x or 12.1

Installed fresh client on the SEPM with Host Integrity Enabled

SNAC got Enabled even with Host Integrity count 0 –True. Only when SNAC manager is 11.x and SEP client is 11.x.


If SNAC manager is 12.1 then Client will come up with NO SNAC component Enabled with Host Integrity location Count 0. This is because the manager is a SEP manager 12.1.


When SEPM 12.1, becomes  SNAC manager by dropping the SNAC.xml file in \etc \license folder, Host Integrity policy cannot be assigned to a group or location right away (unlike SNAC Manager 11.x). To do this, Host Integrity template must be enabled in SEPM>Admin>Server>Local Site>Content Types to Download section. One this is enabled and after the next live update, Host Integrity policy can be applied to any group. Only then the SNAC feature will be enabled on client side. 


SEP 11 client with SNAC moved to 12.1 Manager

SNAC component is not seen on the client as because the 12.1 manager is a SEP manager not SNAC manager.


If you upgrade the SNAC manager 11.x to SEP Manager 12.1, clients (SEP 11.x) will still be showing SNAC enabled.

With location count 1 or more on the client on 12.1 Manager when its moved.

SNAC component gets enabled on the 11.0 client as well as 12.1 client

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