Two options to turn on debug logging on Universal Server

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When you have an issue on the Universal Server and the regular logs are not giving you a clue as to what the problem could be. Then you will have to turn on debug logging.  This article will outline the steps you will have to take.

Please note, that you should modify any of these settings only when you are asked by Technical Support to do so.


To Turn Debug Logging On WITHOUT Putty or Command Line access:

 1. Type https://<servername>.com:9000/omc/EditDebugPrefs.event in your browser address bar.
 2. Scroll down to the global section of the Debug Configuration.
 3. Below the global section is the pgpproxyd section, you can take any settings that you need  from the pgpproxyd section and copy it to the global section between the beginning and ending global tag.

For example:
    This means that we have set the log-level to debug and we interested in detailed raw line logging and detailed sql logging.
  4. Click Save to update the debug settings.
Once this is done, you will have to restart services in order for debug logging to be on.

To restart the service:

    1. Click the System card then select General tab.
    2. Scroll down and click the Restart Services button.

To turn off debug logging:
    Remove all the entries between the beginning and ending global tags and restart services.
Alternative way: If you have putty access or command line access to the Universal Server you
can log in via the console.

If Putty access has not been configured, please follow the instructions in this KB article:

To Turn on Debug Logging via Putty or Command Line accesss:

   1. Log in as the root user.
   2. cd /etc/ovid
   3. Execute nano debug.xml
   4. go the <debug> section of the file
   5. From the <pgpproxyd> section copy whatever type of debug logging that the you.  Such as: sql, raw-line, xml, tls etc...
   6. Paste between the 2 <global> tags.
   7. Ctrl-X to exit the nano editor
   8. Take Yes on the save to modified buffer and keep the file name the same.
In order for the debug mode to be turned on, you will need to restart services.
You can do this in this manner on the command line:

[root@keys ovid]# pgpsysconf --restart pgpuniversal
Restarting service pgpuniversal... success

Make sure that you get the 'success' confirmation message!

Please make sure to turn off debug logging as soon as possible, as this adds a huge load to the server and produces larger log files.
To turn-off debug logging, use the nano editor, remove the entries between the <global> tags and save the file. Then restart the services again. 

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