"No matching disks found" is reported by vxdiskadm while selecting disks based on a controller or target if enclosure-based naming is enabled

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Vxdiskadm returns an error while attempting to select all disks based on a specific controller, or target, by using a c# or c#d# pattern.


No matching disks found.


To make it easier to initialize a large quantity of disks, vxdiskadm allows the user to select all disks on a controller, or a target, by typing patterns such as "c2" (initialize all disks on controller 2) or "c2t5" (initialize all disks on controller 2, target 5). If enclosure-based naming is enabled, such patterns may not be recognized by vxdiskadm because the enclosure-based device names do not typically follow the c#t#d# pattern.


Temporarily change the naming scheme to the c#t#d# format. This can be done by choosing option 20 from vxdiskadm. The naming scheme can then be changed back to enclosure-based naming after the disk initialization process is finished.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH183575

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