fstyp returns no information when run

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Running fstyp returns no information, no errors, and simply returns to the prompt.

For example:

# fstyp -v /dev/vx/dsk/diskgroup1/volume1





This behavior occurs if the version of fstyp that is called does not support VxFS. This indicates that the OS-native version of fstyp, which does not support VxFS, is being called instead.


Use the version of fstyp that is installed with VxFS. On a typical installation, the VxFS version of fstyp is located under /opt/VRTS/bin/.

Note: If this is not included in the PATH statement for this account, it will be necessary to include a "./" before the command when attempting to run it directly from the path.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH184471

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