What is the minimum information that needs to be backed up on a ESM manager for a full restore

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What is the minimum amount of information that needs to be backed up from an Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Manager so that all relevant information can be restored.


Provided the ESM manager is to be restored to a machine with the same hostname and IP address and the same version of ESM, the directories that need backing up are the following: 

  1. system and all subfolders
  2. register and all subfolders
  3. template and all subfolders
  4. reports and all subfolders
  5. words and all subfolders

A full restoration can be achieved without needing to re-register any agents after reinstalling ESM to a machine with the same host name and IP address.  Once the same base version of ESM manager is installed the above directories are copied to the esm folder.

Step by step directions.

  1. Ensure no ESM Policy Runs are currently underway.
  2. Stop the ESM Manager service.
  3. Copy/backup the entire esm directory to a safe location.  The full path by default to the ESM directory is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Enterprise Security Manager\esm.
  4. Perform whatever tasks need to be done prior to restoration from the backup.
  5. Reinstall the same version of ESM as the backed up version.
  6. Stop the ESM Manager service.
  7. Copy/restore the directories listed above to the esm directory.
  8. Restart the ESM Manager service.
  9. Resume Policy Runs as before.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH191366

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