VMM inventory task from ESXi hosts has status "not started"

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I have problem with "Symantec™ Virtual Machine Management 7.1 SP2"
1. Install.
On all site servers installed "Virtual Machine Management Task Server Plug-in"
2. Discovery.
After successful  installation (on site server appeared "Virtual Machine Management Task handler") I ran network discovery task for search ESXi hosts with ESXi root permissions. Task completed successful.
3. Gathering inventory on the ESXi host.
I ran inventory task called "VMM inventory" and manual "Quick Run" on different ESXi hosts, but this task has status "not started".


No Error


Virtual Machine Management 7.1 Sp2


The target computers must be directly managed by notification server.


1. Create a target, that includes computers from  "All discovered
hypervisors" filter, that contains all discovered ESXi hosts.
2. Then Add target in Notification Server's "Manually Assigned
Agents" list on "Site server settings" page.
3. After complete resource membership update,  run inventory task. VMM
Inventory task will start and after it Finishes check the inventory.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH192025

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