pcAnywhere hosts configured for conferencing will warn that they are configured for no encryption but stay at AES 256 when they are launched and connected to.

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When configuring a pcAnywhere 12.5.5 host for conferencing a warning may appear that the host needs to be restarted; as the host restarts, the following error may be displayed.


Warning Disabling Encryption.   Encryption is not supported for conferencing hosts.



pcAnywhere 12.5 SP4 installed on a windows OS configured to utilize conferencing. 


This is a known error that has been resolved with an updated component(see below).


1. Name of the modified commponent : awses32.dll
2. Version of the modified component: (Box),
3. Steps to apply the patch :
    (1) On the host computer, stop pcAnywhere host (if running) and close pcAnywhere Manager.
    (2) Browse to the Symantec pcAnywhere installed directory.
    (3) Make a back up of the existing awses32.dll.
    (4) Extract the attached zip file awses32.zip
    (5) Replace the orriginal awses32.dll with the extracted awses32.dll


updated awses32.dll for pcAnywhere box 12.5 sp4
awses32.zip (39 kBytes)

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