Client count discrepancies between license in use count, other console views, and filters and policies for pcAnywhere Solution

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The number of clients reported for pcAnywhere Solution plugin do not match in different areas of the SMP console such as the target in the pcAnywhere settings policy, Windows Computers with pcAnywhere plugin installed, the pcAnywhere report Hosts by Versions, and the License in Use count in the Symantec Installation Manager.




pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.7


Clients with Non-Unique Agent GUIDs.

Clients not getting properly registered with the server are not getting populated in the necessary SQL data tables.


If duplicate or non-unique agents is an issue, this will need to be resolved before the counts for any solution will be accurate.  See Resolving issues with shared GUIDs.

Once there are no shared GUID issues then the attached Modified_Sp.sql  script can be ran on the SQL server to correct the table sychronization between LicenseInUse and Inv_Symantec_pcAnyhwhere_License_Status table.

  1. Download the attached Modified_Sp.sql file
  2. Open the Modified_Sp.sql  file with the SQL server management studio.
  3. Select the Symantec_CMDB and execute this script.
  4. Confirm that the command executes successfully.

When the server runs its normal tasks through out the day, the proper tables will be populated as desired reflecting more consistent numbers.  You can run these tasks manually if desired.

  1. Open Windows Task Schedule.
  2. Run the task named NS.Daily...
  3. Wait a minute; longer for large 5000 plus managed clients
  4. Run the task named NS.Complete Resource Membership Update...
  5. After a minute or more, you can open the Symantec Installation Manager to see the updated license count(if it was inaccurate before) and in the Console, pcAnywhere reports and targets/filters, such as Windows Computers with pcAnywhere plug-in Installed, should be more in line with each other than before.

*Note: This fix is not included in the pcA Solution 12.6.7 Hot Fix 1 release.  This fix can be applied to the HF1 release.


Modified_Sp.sql (2 kBytes)

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