Sending emails from BB is very slow

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Sending email from Blackberry is very slow when the connection between the BES server and the PGP Server is lost. And a key search is always done even if the policy is configured to send email in the clear.


This issue has been resolved on the RIM side. RIM provides bundles to the  Carriers to consider for future releases. RIM does not control whether or not a carrier integrates the fix into the BlackBerry device OS software and is left to the sole discretion of the carrier.

The fix for this bug contains the logic that if the policy on the PGP Universal  Server is to send in the clear, keys will not be queried on the device needlessly. In other words, unless the PGP Universal Server mail policy states 
the message should be encrypted, or unless the user selects the option to  encrypt manually on the device, the message will be sent unencrypted, and will not attempt to search for keys.

The bundle that fixes this issue is included in R19. RIM has confirmed that BB  Device OS includes this version in the 7.1 device OS.


Update Device OS to at least version 7.1

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