SEP SBE .Cloud: How to Install a Client

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There are several options available for deploying and installing Symantec Endpoint Protection SBE .Cloud clients, this document will discuss how to install clients and the available options.

A video walkthrough of this process is also available at:


Client Deployment and Installation:

Symantec Cloud offers three installation methods that can be utilized depending on the situation. Please follow the steps below to begin:

  1. Login to the Hosted Endpoint Portal (
  2. Select the "Computers" tab.
  3. Click the "Add Computers" Button.
  4. Select the "Endpoint Protection" service.
  5. Select which group should contain the system to be installed.
  6. Choose the method of installation.

Installation Methods and Options:

Install Now:

This option provides a single use executable file called SymantecExtractor.exe which will install the client on the machine used to log in to the manager. This download option is great for small business environments that are not spread out.


Send Email Invites:

Emailing download invites is a great option for getting protection installed on remote machines or office locations. It would be best to limit the amount of installations run at one time as the installation files download when it is run.

The users will receive an email shortly after the “Send Email Invites” button is clicked.


Download a Redistributable Package:

The Redistributable Package option downloads the Symantec Package Creator. When this is run, by default, it will contain all the necessary installation files for supported Microsoft operating systems. When the package creator is complete the Symredistributable.exe is created, which is the file used to install Symantec Cloud.

The Redistributable option can be used in larger environments to install multiple machines, also Group Policy deployments can be used to install Symantec Cloud with this option.



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