Collector LiveUpdate issues on Symantec Event Agent 4.8.1 for Windows

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1. During LiveUpdate of collector using "runLiveUpdate.bat" on 4.8.1 off-box Windows Agent, the LiveUpdate fails with error code 242 which causes last position bookmark of few database collectors to be reset.

2. In cases where Symantec Event Agent is upgraded to 4.8.1 from previous version on Windows, the collector LiveUpdate fails with multiple java errors.


Solution 1:  

Run the hotfix on Windows servers that have Symantec event agent 4.8.1 installed. 

Apply the hotfix by using the below files. 

Refer the attached readme - README_Symantec_Event_Agent_4.8.1_Hotfix-1.txt for deployment instructions.

Solution 2: 

Uninstall the Symantec Event Agent 4.8.1 for Windows and use the below installer to install the updated 4.8.1 agent. 
    -  symevtagent_windows_r4.8.1.44.exe
    -  symevtagent_windows_r4.8.1.44.exe.md5

* Use the updated Windows Event Agent installer for newer off-box agent installations.

Refer the attached readme - README_Symantec_Event_Agent_4.8.1.txt for deployment instructions.


Hotfix for existing Event Agent v4.8.1 installations (94.8 MBytes)
MD5 file for Hotfix for existing Event Agent v4.8.1 installations (64 Bytes)

Updated Event Agent v4.8.1
symevtagent_windows_r4.8.1.44.exe (144 MBytes)
MD5 file for updated Event Agent v4.8.1
symevtagent_windows_r4.8.1.44.exe.md5 (66 Bytes)
README_Symantec_Event_Agent_4.8.1_Hotfix-1.txt (4 kBytes)
README_Symantec_Event_Agent_4.8.1.txt (3 kBytes)

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