Unable to install NetBackup Master Server under IBM AIX PowerHA / HACMP

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Recent IBM AIX systems are delivered with LPAR support by default.

In an LPAR environment it is entirely possible to come across the scenario where the nodename of a system (ie the name of the physical node) is different from the hostname (the name of the logical instance).

At this point in time NetBackup does not support a clustered Maseter Server installation on AIX systems where the nodename and hostname differ


From the install_trace.txt log file...


Successfully updated the session cache parameters.

This is not a EMM and Master server, exiting

Migrating SLP definitions into the NetBackup relational database.

Starting the NetBackup Event Manager.

Starting the NetBackup Audit Manager.

Starting the NetBackup Deduplication Manager.

Starting the NetBackup Deduplication Engine.

 Starting the NetBackup database manager process (bpdbm).

 ERROR:   Unable to start NetBackup daemon bpdbm.  Rerun

         /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/install_bp when the problem

         has been resolved.


NetBackup server installation complete.



The cluster_config script compares the nodename to the hostname; if these do NOT match then the installer script decides that this is not a cluster


Symantec Engineering recommendation (ET3467324) is to modify either the nodename or the hostname such that the two match each other

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH217036

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