SEP SBE .Cloud: Installation Fails Due to "Another Installation is Currently in Progress".

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If it is not possible to install SEP SBE due to an error that another installation is in progress, resolution involves clearing out any other pending installations and allowing the SEP SBE installer to proceed with its installation. 


Initially during installation a message will note that there is another installation in progress and that the installer is waiting for it to finish:

If the install wizard still detects another installation in progress after the time runs out, the following error pops up:


When addressing this type of installation failure, always make sure that no other software is being installed or uninstalled when the SEP installer is running. If no other install service is running, try rebooting the machine and initiating the installation again. If the installation continues to fail reporting that another installer service is running the following process can be attempted, however it is important to note that this solution is unsupported as the recommended alterations do not relate to SEP but rather removing the registry flag which indicates that a microsoft installer process is running.

  1. Start the registry editor by navigating to the start menu and clicking "Run", then typing "regedit" and clicking the OK button.
  2. Back up the registry by choosing the "Export" option from the "File" menu, make sure to check the "All" radio button under the "Export Range" section, then select a location in which to save the backup and click "Save".
  3. Once back in the registry editor, navigate to:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Inprogress
  4. Delete the Inprogress key (make sure to delete the entire key and not only the values contained within the key).
  5. Open the Task Manager.
  6. Navigate to the "Process" tab.
  7. Search the list for any occurrence of "msiexec.exe", highlight any entries found and click "End Process".
  8. Try the installation again.

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