Files are not re-added properly after selecting No on the Wildcard Deleted Files dialog

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If a file that was added through wildcards is removed from its source location, you will receive a dialog with the following text:

Listed below are files that were added based on a wildcard but are no longer found. To remove these files from the installation, click Yes. To leave a description of these files in the installation so they are re-added when they become available, click No.

If you click No, and then later re-add the file to the source location, the file is not properly added back into the .wsi or .wsm.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On the Files page, add files to your installation using wildcards.
  2. Compile the .wsi.
  3. Close Windows Installer Editor.
  4. Delete one of the files from your source location.
  5. Open the .wsi and go to the Files page. When the Wildcard Deleted Files dialog appears, click No.
  6. Save the .wsi.
  7. Close Windows Installer Editor
  8. Re-add the file to your source location.
  9. Open the .wsi and go to the Files page. Even though you re-added the file to your source location, the file does not appear on the Files page. However, if you look at Setup Editor > Tables > File table, you will see the entry for your file
  10. Compile the .wsi. After compiling, you will see both your original file in the Files page as well as a duplicate file in the same directory.


Wise for Windows Installer 6.2
Wise Installation Studio 7.0
Wise Package Studio 7.x


While a .wsi is open, we keep an internal mapping between the features and the components in the feature. When re-adding wildcard files, this mapping is not being updated.


This issue is resolved in Wise Installation Studio 7 SP1, and Wise Package Studio 7  SP3

Workaround: If this situation occurs, after compiling perform the following:

  1. Open the .wsi/.wsm and save.
  2. In Setup Editor > Components tab, delete any duplicate file components that were created.
  3. Save the .wsi.
  4. Close and reopen. The components are now permanent, are included in our map, and will show up in the Files page.

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